Savannah Bank of (Nig.) Ltd and Anor v. Ammel O. Ajilo and Anor
CITATION: (1989) LPELR-SC.188/1987
1 Savannah Bank (Nig.) Ltd. v Ajilo (1989) 1 NWLR (Pt.97)
2 (1989) All N.L.R 26
3 (1989) 1 S.C. (Pt 11) 90
Nigerian Coat of Arms
In The Supreme Court of Nigeria
On Friday, the 27th day of January, 1989
Suit No: SC.188/1987
Savannah Bank of (Nig.) Ltd and Anor Appelants
Ammel O. Ajilo and Anor Respondents

The property in question was by a deed of conveyance vested in fee simple in the 1st plaintiff, who mortgaged it to the 1st defendant bank to secure credit facilities. The 2nd defendant on the instruction of the 1st defendant, advertised the property for sale (public auction). The 1st plaintiff sued for an order restraining the 1st defendant from disposing of the property and a declaration that the intended auction was null and void, not being in accordance with the Land Use Act.

Chief F. R. A. Williams, S.A.N, ( with him, B. O. Aluko, O. M. Ayeni (Mrs.), B. O. Ogundipe, T.E. Williams and F. R. A. Williams Jnr.) For the Appelants
Dr. H. O. Kusamotu ( with him, Tunde Olojo, P. O. Ige and Ahmed Raji).
Professor A. B. Kasunmu S.A.N., as Amicus Curiae
For the Respondents